C&C Blade Repair Team Attend Composite Training

Composite Training

Members of the C&C blade repair team attend 5 day composite materials, fabrication, and damage repair course in London, Ontario.

The course covered a wide array of topics, including:

  • Applications and recent developments in composite materials for the Automotive Marine / Wind Turbine / Aviation / Aerospace / Sports Equipment industries.
  • Composite Design and essential theory behind how composite structures function.
  • Detection of flaws and damage in composite structures using various NDI methods; Tap-Testing (mechanical impedance), Ultrasound, and Infrared Thermography.
  • Health & Safety; handling and disposing of substances, composite shop requirements for compliance with standard safety practices.
  • Structural Repair Techniques and Quality Assurance requirements.
  • Material Handling requirements; cutting, grinding, sanding.
  • Vacuum Bagging and curing processes for wet-layup fabrication & repair.

All attendees successfully completed the comprehensive hands-on composite materials technology course.

Congratulations Team!