2023 Emergency Response Exercise – Tower Basement Rescue Drill

On September 11, 2023 our C&C team attending BlackSpring Ridge Wind Farm, participated in an unscheduled customer emergency response exercise.

In the emergency scenario an Emergency Training Dummy, Randy, was working in tower basement on the anchor bolt tensioning. He collapsed, hitting his head on the protruding anchor stud, and was unresponsive to the team with verbal interrogation. Site ERP was initiated to stand down and call 911 emergency services reporting an unresponsive casualty with suspected neck and spinal injury.

Working together the team was able to demonstrate their ability to respond to the situation – effectively taking charge of the situation, communicating with each other and working as a team to successfully brace and package Randy for safe extraction and transportation for medical treatment.

C&C Wind is very appreciative to Enbridge for providing us the opportunity to refresh and practice rescue skills and for the use of their safety equipment.

“C&C Wind was ultra-appreciative of the opportunity to [be] involved in [an Enbridge ERP exercise]. Wind Operators rarely afford them the opportunity to [do] so on customer’s owned equipment. C&C Wind Team did very well. I was pleasantly surprised actually. I expected some hiccups along the way. Bill – Kudos to your Team and in general your expression of safety culture within your Team. Keep these good things going.”


David Heyboer