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Specialists in wind turbine construction support, wind turbine maintenance, and inspection activities, in both Canada and the USA.


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Highly dedicated & professional, service & maintenance experts


Skilled team specializing in blade repairs and inspections


A team of talented SPRAT/IRATA certified technicians

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Reshaping energy
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We maintain the safest possible work environment, commitment to quality, and timely response to our client’s needs.

We strive to lead the renewable energy industry through our unwavering commitment to excellence in the support of our customers in the field throughout the entire product lifecycle. Our goal is to support making renewable energy accessible and reliable for communities worldwide, while reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to a greener future.

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Techs provided for the site are always great and promptly report any issues or deficiencies they see in the turbine.

Vestas .

C&C Wind was ultra-appreciative of the opportunity to [be] involved in [an Enbridge ERP exercise]. Wind Operators rarely afford them the opportunity to [do] so on customer’s owned equipment. C&C Wind Team did very well. I was pleasantly surprised actually. I expected some hiccups along the way. Bill – Kudos to your Team and in general your expression of safety culture within your Team. Keep these good things going.

Plant Manager, Blackspring Ridge Wind Project David Heyboer

Your guys have just finished up on site here yesterday and I wanted to let you know that we genuinely appreciated their efforts. The weather wasn’t on their side and they persevered to get the job done swiftly, cleanly and with a high degree of professionalism. Please pass along our gratitude to those crews and recognition that their efforts didn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Lead Wind Technician, Hand Hills John Cocarla

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Climate Change

Trees lock carbon, sway climate, and build resilience, nature's triple-threat against global warming.

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Water Management

Trees prevent floods, fight erosion, and recharge groundwater, guarding Earth's water balance.

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Trees filter air, provide oxygen, and cool cities, gifting fresher breaths and pleasant temperatures.

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Planting trees showcases societal responsibility by quantifiable action that benefits the environment.

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Trees absorb carbon dioxide, produce oxygen, prevent soil erosion, and enhance overall air and water quality.

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